We want our guests to relax and enjoy the Stobo experience. Timeless Candles, and the beautiful scents that Liana has created, make the perfect luxurious gift to continue that journey.


Mandy Winyard, Director Stobo Castle Health Spa


As someone who is undeniably obsessed with ambience and home-making, in a trainee Martha Stewart styIee,I'm always keen to share exciting discoveries, and Timeless candles is one of my favourites. I love it's rich perfume, and friends always comment on the wonderful atmosphere that it creates at home. The high standard of delivery presentation means they also make the perfect gift.

Josie Smith, Writer and Stylist


The minute I light the wick on my Timeless Candle, I feel calmed, relaxed and at ease. In a matter of minutes, my home is filled with the most wonderful scent combinations.

....Recently, I had a candle posted to me and even the sight of the luxurious packaging had me excited....it felt like the Tiffany of the Candle market!  


Pauline Campbell, Timeless customer, Glasgow


Clients visit my salon looking for a pampering treatment that will really help them relax. For me, that goes hand-in-hand with burning my Velvet Sandalwood Timeless Candle. It's a calming fragrance blend that all my clients comment on - they say it helps them wind down. I have one at home myself and light it every evening when I get home from work.


 Lynn Clark, Salon Owner, The Beauty Fountain



A friend bought me a Timeless Candle as a gift. Opening the box, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Even the packaging had me excited - its luxurious look is definitely an indication of the product inside. My favourite scent is Amber and Bergamot. I hope my hubby's reading this as it's my birthday soon ... hint, hint!


Dayle Hegarty, Timeless Customer


I love the Timeless idea that we should 'waste time wisely'. I've known founder Liana for a number of years and she knows what it's like to be a busy working mum. It's fabulous to have a product like this that I can use for a little 'me time'. Everyone should learn to waste time wisely with Timeless.


Lynn MacKay, Timeless Customer, Glasgow



A familiar scent instantly takes you to a place in time. When I recognise the scent of a Timeless Candle it takes me to my home, my family and the quality time we share


Sharon Clark, Timeless Customer, Glasgow


At Saint-Saviour we wanted our clients to be able to recreate the Ambience that they had  experienced during one of our treatments, to be able to relax and unwind at there own special place at home.

With Timeless Candles we could achieve this, beautifully packaged, with a choice of Scents that will inspire and delight. Our Clients can choose from Candles or Diffusers that look wonderful in any room and allow them to enjoy and feel inspired when they walk in.


John Fegan, Director