About Us


Timeless Candles are made from the heart to take to your home. Adding an air of opulence to every room, Timeless Candles capture every mood and evoke special memories.
Founded by fragrance expert, Liana Mullen, with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. With a desire for her clients to be able to recreate the uniquely relaxing ambience of her spa in their homes, Timeless Candles was born, here in Glasgow, Scotland.

Liana's Scottish-Italian heritage shines through in her fragrance collections, combining both traditional Scottish scents with more exotic Italian fragrance notes.

At Timeless Candles we believe in creating beautiful scents that go beyond just fragrance. For us, it is not just about smell, but how scent has the power to make you feel. Our long lasting products create a sensorial experience and the elegant fragrances are designed to touch on people's emotions and trigger cherished memories. Whether you want to feel energised or relaxed, there is a fragrance to fully encompass and embrace your mood.


We're passionate about creating premium, long lasting scents for everyone to enjoy. Each fragrance has been carefully and delicately blended to create a unique scent. Whether you enjoy the sensual and and intense fragrance of Black Plum and Pomegranate or prefer the sweet mandarin and smokey base notes of Amber and Bergamot, Timeless Candles cater to every mood and desire.

Our ethos, 'Time is precious, waste it wisely' is a gentle reminder to slow down in our busy lives and enjoy the moment. Timeless Candles provide a comforting ambience in any room, inviting us to relax and unwind in the soothing scent.

Made with love and passion, all Timeless products ensure that every day is met with moments of complete enjoyment. From bathing in our scented oils, to lighting your favourite candle and spraying your room with a mist of relaxing scents, you truly can create and savour your own moments of luxury.

Choose Timeless, because luxury doesn't have to be an indulgence.