November 18, 2019


Timeless Candles Scotland
We are passionate about creating scents that offer a slice of luxury for every day living.
To inspire and capture memories that last a lifetime.

Autumnal Scents


Autumn is our favourite time of year...the leaves are falling...the outdoor colours are beautiful...the nights are drawing in 

There is no better time to create light and life at home with our warm Autumnal scents 

Light the Fire, pour the wine and create a fabulous feast for the senses and cosy in with our Embrace Collection Scents

Relax with the calming scent of Velvet Sandalwood in in your bedroom 

Pour the wine, melt into the sofa and enjoy our all time favourite Amber and Bergamot with it’s warming and comforting fragrance 

Welcome home to the leathery, wintering and sensual scent of Amber Woods 


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