November 09, 2019


Timeless Candles Scotland
We are passionate about creating scents that offer a slice of luxury for every day living.
To inspire and capture memories that last a lifetime.

Try one of our wellbeing natural scents

Revitalise......Relax.....Energise and Well being


Our Timeless Lemongrass and Lavender scent was inspired by Liana’s 20 years experience and passion for natural scents as an Aromatherapist 

She understands the power that esssential oils can have on the mind and body and created a scent that would empower you in your workplace and home 

It was an important factor for Liana to create a scent that was completely natural and that could be used topically on the body, to fragrance a room and to help aid clarity in the mind 

For the mind, Lemongrass helps give clarity of thought, encourages vitality and is good for concentration. For the body, lemongrass is an anti oxidant, helps relieve swelling, improves circulation and strengthens the immune system. With the addition of lavender this fragrance will calm the mind, induce relaxation and ground you 

There is also a powerful secret ingredient in this oil which is juniper. Like lemongrass juniper is anti oxidant, great for the circulation, detoxing and uplifting 

There is no better time to use this fragrance than January where we are fighting off colds and fevers, going on our health kick and trying to restore our body after a busy Festive period 

Enjoy this fragrance by using our hand and body wash and lotion in the bathroom, spritz your pillow in the morning to awaken your mind and lighting your candle by your desk 


Energise your mind with this uplifting scent inspired by our founder Liana’s Spa experience 





#detox #energise #revitalise 



As psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said
"The quickest way to trigger an emotional response is with scent

Smell like taste is so inextricably linked to both emotion and memory that a cocktail of scent can in time create a factory jigsaw puzzle of who you are
Harness the true power of scent and it has the ability to enhance and manipulate your state of mind"





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